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After days at sea with the Cook Islands PM, here’s what I learned

Al Jazeera 20 Apr 2023
When we flew to the Cook Islands to film Mining the Pacific Ocean, a 101 East investigation into deep-sea exploration and climate change, I had tempered expectations about an on-camera interview with the country’s leader ... Moana Minerals has been granted an exploration licence to investigate what lies on the ocean floor.

Considering the possible impacts of deep sea mining in the Cooks

Cook Islands News 16 Apr 2023
Each mining operation could effectively strip mine 8000-9000 square kilometres of deep ocean seabed over a 30-year mining licence period ... However the mining company went bankrupt and the PNG Government lost around $200 million ... Wastewater containing sediment and mine tailing, which may be toxic, pumped back into the ocean would also form plumes.

Copper is the missing ingredient of the energy transition

Economist 30 Mar 2023
Moreover, a lot of oil exploration is done in the ocean, but as yet deep-sea mining is nascent and environmentally sensitive. Mr Adkerson notes that Lockheed Martin, an American armsmaker that had thrown its weight behind deep-sea mining, has just sold a subsidiary with licences to explore part of the Pacific Ocean.

Noise from deep-sea mining may disrupt whale song, study finds

Khaleejtimes 14 Feb 2023
An estimated 22 to 30 cetacean species, including endangered blue whales, can be found in the Clarion Clipperton Zone, an ocean region in the northern Pacific, where the ISA has granted 17 seabed mining exploration licences ... Previous research on ocean noise has found whales can suffer negative effects.

Kartong says mining makes it lose rice fields, gardens

The Point 27 Sep 2022
However, mining companies have been licenced to mine the territory in some communities such as Kartong and Sanyang villages. Kartong VDC had previously warned the Geology Department not to grant mining licence to any company to mine its territory ... to be licenced to mine at Kartong.

Mind this deep sea mining

Jamaica Observer 22 Aug 2022
The National Oceanic Administrative Association (NOAA) had this to say about the impact of deep sea mining on the ecosystems and habitats of the deep. ... Each mining operation would effectively strip mine 8,000-9,000 square kilometres of deep ocean seabed over a 30-year mining licence period.

Deep-sea mining may push hundreds of species to extinction, researchers warn

The Observer 09 Dec 2021
The scientists examined the regulatory framework and regional management objectives at each site, as well as exploratory mining licences ... The extinction threat was worst in the Indian Ocean, where every species was listed as threatened and 60% as critically endangered, and where many mining exploration licences have been issued by the ISA.

Deep sea mining by 2023 gets green light in Pacific

RNZ 30 Jun 2021
Ocean scientists have warned that mining activity should not proceed until more research is conducted into the little known environment of the deep sea. But amid growing interest in polymetallic nodules on the seabed, several Pacific countries, including Nauru, have already sponsored exploration licences for deep sea mining companies.

Nigeria absolved of having to pay $1.5bn oil field claim

Business Day 08 Oct 2020
The Nigerian government took over all assets belonging to tycoon Festus Fadeyi, including Pan Ocean, in July, saying he owed 240-billion naira ($625m) in debts ... Pan Ocean produced an average of 3,400 barrels of crude per day from its licence, known as Oil Mining Lease 98, in 2018, according to government data.

The Guardian view on deep sea exploration: murky waters ahead

The Observer 02 Feb 2020
An analysis published last month in the journal One Earth warned of the threat to the oceans from “blue acceleration”, the recent rise in marine industrialisation, which includes seabed mineral mining. Greenpeace warned last year that 29 ocean-floor exploration licences had been ...

Raja Mandala: China at sea

Indian Express 09 Dec 2019
After leveraging marine science diplomacy to good effect in the South China Sea over the last many years, China has begun to extend it to the Indian Ocean ... First, to map the sea-bed resources of the world’s oceans. China has internationally sanctioned licences to explore sea-bed mining in a few areas including in the South-western Indian Ocean.

Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into ‘new industrial frontier’

The Guardian 03 Jul 2019
Greenpeace report reveals 29 floor-exploration licences have been granted worldwide The world’s oceans are facing a “new industrial frontier” from a fledgling deep-sea mining industry as companies line up to extract metals and minerals from some of the most important ecosystems on the planet, a report has found.

Trouble brews over OML 25 as Kula leaders take ‘final’ position

Business Day Online 27 Jun 2019
Trouble is brewing in Kula Community, close to the Atlantic Ocean, over right of operation of Oil Mining Licence 25 in Akuku-Toru Local Council Area of Rivers State, as leaders of the area have ...

Efforts to save OML-25 may crash as Kula chiefs reject planned Saturday meeting in Port Harcourt

Business Day Online 21 Jun 2019
Nigeria is said to have lost over N700bn since the shutdown of the Kula oil field near the Atlantic Ocean (Oil Mining Licence 25) in Rivers State more than one year ago, but the host ...

Nigerian petroleum regulator revokes six oil block licences

Independent online (SA) 06 Jun 2019
The notice said oil mining lease (OML) 98 was revoked from Pan Ocean Oil Corporation, OML 120 and 121 from Allied Energy Resources Nigeria Limited, OML 108 from Express Petroleum & Gas Company Limited and OML 110 from ...